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    Sam at Crafty corner holding driftwood tealight holder

    Welcome to my little Crafty Corner

    For many years more than I care to mention I have always crafted.

    From needle felting, stone painting, paper crafting, knitting, crochet and jewellery making, the list is endless.

    I have invented (in my head) a microwave that 2 minutes gives you 8 hours sleep!!! something which I don’t think will ever become reality but you never know.

    There is just not enough time to do and share all the ideas that I have.

    I attend many a craft fairs and shows on the Isle of Man and when this opportunity to own my own shop came along it would have been churlish to refuse plus it empties my craft room at home and gives me the good fortune to have another whilst showing the public what I have to offer.

    Step inside and you will find an eclectic mix of crafts not just from myself but like minded people who are as mad as me about crafting.

    You will often see me with the dogs beachcombing, looking mostly for sea glass and don’t be surprised if you think I am talking to myself as every little piece I find gets a thank you as I pick it up and pocket it. If I find a blue piece that’s a big thank you and if it is red that’s a dance. I am not mad, honest, just in my own little world.